a lot of really good food in china

i’ve been living in germany for the last two years, studying in grad school (which i just completed yay!), and while here have experienced so, so much good food. i tried keeping a separate blog for all of the food i was eating and making, but was apparently too busy for more than one blog. my main blog documented as much as possible all of the things i was experiencing while living here, like things i did and places i saw. there’s definitely some food in there though. this blog now is going to give my food the attention it deserves. i should have had this going to keep track of all of the delicious food i was able to try in europe, but for now it’s all stored in photo albums and my memory. perhaps if i’m in the mood to talk about them, i’ll bring them up and find some of my photos.

so starting now, i’m putting all of my good food photos and recipes here. i’ll begin by talking about my favorite foods that i encountered on my recent trip to china.

lotus root – the kind i had was sweet. there was sticky rice in the little holes of  each piece, and it was all cooked in some sweet sauce. i was able to eat it in almost every city we visited, but i really liked the ones i ate in Suzhou and Hangzhou.

dumplings and mantou!– “Wǒ xǐhuan mántou” that was one of the first sentences i learned (and remembered) from my chinese roommate. i’m not an expert on these, but i think mantou sometimes means different things depending on where you are in China. in the south near Suzhou, where my best friend lives, they mean steamed buns as well as steamed (filled) dumplings, but in the north i guess mantou only means steamed buns. i like them all, no matter where i go. anyways, i ate quite a lot of these throughout our entire trip. my favorite were in Suzhou, where they were filled with a sweet pork mixture.

bamboo shoots– tried these just because i wanted to eat bamboo, like a panda. we ate these in Hangzhou.

a-little-orange-patty-with-no-name- i actually don’t even know what this is made of. we were thinking it’s a fruit or vegetable, but i don’t even know what kind. we ate it on a special food street in Xi’an. it’s really, really great. it’s like soft and warm and sweet, but i can’t even describe what flavor it is. it’s a mystery, but i hope someday i actually figure out what it is.

jasmine iced tea– i had this in Suzhou. really sweet and really big

Hangzhou food in general– we visited a famous restaurant on a small island on West Lake that had really unique, local food. it was really great to eat foods that basically came from the lake we were sitting next to from that very morning. this plant soup was simple but tasty, and the plants were from the lake of course. this fish dish was special to the area, and it was cooked in a vinegar sauce. i usually don’t eat things with eyeballs, but i made an exception to taste something specifically local. i should have learned though to follow my own rules because i ended up swallowing a little fish bone by accident.


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