i never knew i liked avocados so much. but now i really think i could eat them everyday, at every meal. then i probably would get sick of them, but for now i love them. sometimes i spread them on bread as i would with butter, and lately i’ve been eating them in salads and on tortillas. my favorite combination right now is avocados + marinated tofu, kidney beans, corn, and sometimes peppers and radishes. speaking of veggies, i’ve realized i prefer vegetables over meat. i don’t really eat much meat lately, partially because i don’t buy it. whenever i do, i sometimes have to throw it away because it always goes bad before i can eat all of it. i also don’t really miss it. i crave bread and dough quite often, but i’ve never craved meat. i could easily live without it i think. i feel healthier without it for sure. i consider myself a part-time vegetarian. and by part-time, i mean i only eat meat when it’s convenient. that probably sounds horrifying to real vegetarians haha. but really, if it’s just easier because i’m traveling somewhere and it’s the cheapest/easiest option, then okay sure. also, if someone prepared food for me that includes meat, i’m not going to turn it down. i also just love food too much to give up anything permanently and i like trying new things. but for now, meat is not on my grocery list.

 i’m also going to write quickly in this post about athos potatoes. these baked potatoes are from a greek restaurant here in dessau, and they have to be the best food i’ve ever tasted. since i’ll be leaving dessau soon, i’ve been practicing with my own recipe, seeing if i can recreate it. i’ve made it twice so far, and both times are still not as good as in the restaurant. the second time was closer though, so i thought i’d mention it so i don’t forget how i got there. it’s basically like a scalloped potato dish, but the sauce is sweet and tangy and cheesy at the same time. in one pot, i mixed together the sliced potatoes, butter, cream cheese, creme fraiche, some milk, and a bit of flour. after it heated up/almost boiled, i baked it in my toaster over for about a half hour. it’s not as good as the authentic restaurant recipe, but it’s getting close!


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