homemade crème fraîche

believe me, you need creme fraiche in your life. and once you realize how ridiculously easy it is, your life is officially altered. when i lived in germany, creme fraiche (“krem fresh”) was something i bought very often. it’s originally a french product, but i think it’s very common all over europe. it makes almost everything taste better in both baking and cooking, and at the grocery stores there it cost less than 50 cents for a small tub normally. i was in wegmans the other day and took a peek at their creme fraiche prices and i became so sad, although i didn’t expect it to be cheap here. it’s not really popular this side of the pond, so i guess they can get away with charging a stupid price for it (the tub i saw was about 5 dollars). i really wish that america would open it’s eyes to this precious ingredient, but until then homemade will do. actually now that i think about it, even if creme fraiche was cheap here i might just continue making it on my own because it’s super simple. and it’s sort of like a little chemistry experiment in your kitchen that makes you feel smart even though you barely did anything. this recipe i found in a new cookbook i have from flour bakery, and i was really happy to see it in there. i never knew how easy it was to make it on my own.

like i said before, creme fraiche goes with so many things. it can be used in baking, or added to sauces and baked savory things. you can also whip it with some sugar and dip some fruit in it. oh the versatility! one of my favorite ways to use it is as a pizza topping. when it’s baked it becomes so creamy and dreamy. just add it on top of the crust under some mozzarella cheese and whatever toppings you like and then bake it. i know, you’re welcome.


1/2 pint of heavy cream

1 tbsp. buttermilk


in a bowl or tub you can cover, stir together the heavy cream and buttermilk. cover and let sit at room temperature overnight, or for at least 10 hours. after that, stir it and it should be thicker. the consistency should be somewhat similar to sour cream. it will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.



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