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chunky monkey cookiesHello all! It’s been too long since I have posted a new recipe again. The last time was before Christmas and now it’s almost Spring! As I mentioned a few months ago, I’ve been busy with freelance design projects as well as growing my paper goods business. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have enough time to relax and bake lately, but I do really enjoy where my business is taking me. I recently designed another blog for myself where I’m going to combine basically everything- food, design, business things, inspiration, and so on. I’ve been working with more web design projects for my freelance work recently, and it’s been a great way to really dive in and learn about it intensely. So now that I’m getting more comfortable with it over time, I like to practice with things that benefit myself and my career, like my new blog and my portfolio website. It’s also fun being your own client. That means I can make things look pretty and use a lot of pink. Because I can!

Anyways, I wanted to let you all know that I won’t be posting any more recipes on this blog (Don’t be too sad! Keep reading!) I’m definitely not going to get rid of it though because it’s a good resource for myself and I have a lot of my favorite recipes on here. I hope you all feel welcome to come back here often to look up things. AND most importantly, I invite you all to visit and follow me on my new blog! You can find it at www.katievaz.com/blog. I will continue to post recipes and stories about food and baking there, as well as show more about myself as far as my creativity, design process, and business life go. If you’d like to subscribe to the new blog, you’ll find a space/subscribe button in the right hand sidebar. I do hope we keep in touch :)

And if you’ve noticed the tempting cookie picture, you can find the recipe for these lovely sweets on the new blog of course!



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