about me

i love food. i love cooking, and i love baking even more. i love documenting everything i make at home and things i taste out in the world.  i am always excited to eat, but usually before the first bite i have to take a picture. i’ve been photographing my food for a long time, and now i’m finally going to keep track of it all.

i decided to get going with a food blog because i recently graduated with my master’s degree (congratulations to me!). not that i’ve ever been busy enough to not enjoy cooking and baking (sometimes it’s how i unwind from life), but while making my thesis i ran out of time to fully enjoy and document it. now that i am not designing/writing/getting every last drop of creativity out of me until 3 a.m every night, i can happily practice more. i should have you know though, that i love food enough to have found a way to make my thesis about the combination of design and food. i can’t complain too much about being overworked during that semester, because my research did consist of things like macaron recipes and the history of german gingerbread.

anyways, on here you’ll mostly find stories about sweets and other food i’ve baked and perhaps bought (while traveling possibly), and also about recipes i’m learning to make up. i’m fascinated with learning how to make the things from scratch. i’m not formally trained in any sort of cooking or baking, i just like it. i teach myself and in time maybe i’ll know enough to teach someone else.

i want to share these little food adventures with you because first of all, if you are reading this i think you probably like food as much as i do. and second of all, i never thought i was capable of making all of these great things until i tried. i surprised myself by actually being good at it, but more importantly i learned that it’s not even that hard! when it comes to learning how to cook and bake, mistakes can taste really, really great. i guess the point that i’m trying to make here is that if you love food, like me, the rest will follow.

you can find me elsewhere on the internets: facebook | etsy | pinterest |my portfolio .


3 responses to “about me

  1. WOW Congrats, Katie!!!! I’ll try some of your recipes… They look mouth-watering…

  2. Cynthia

    Hey Katie, Love your blog. I just tried that apple marzipan recipe. Lovely. I decided to do a marzipan cake for Christmas and doing research ran across the very same one you did. But then I found yours. So I’m glad to have found your version with apples, which is what I wanted to use.

    And pears. I just made the same cake but with a few adjustments for a glycemic friendly version for a diabetic family member. and it came out scrum. This is a winner. Light and delicate…quite good.

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